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Why Do Marriage Breakups Spike in January?

 Posted on January 27, 2024 in Divorce

Madison, WI divorce lawyerMultiple studies and statistics have concluded that the month of January not only marks the new year but also sees a noticeable increase in the number of married couples who decide to call it quits. The spike is so significant that January is often dubbed “Divorce Month.” The following are some of the common factors these studies have found play a role in these numbers. Anyone considering a divorce should speak with a Wisconsin divorce lawyer who has experience aggressively protecting clients and fighting for their rights.

New Year Reflections

As the New Year unfolds, people often find themselves reflecting on their lives, relationships, and personal goals. A new year often triggers a desire for personal growth and change. January represents a time of renewal and a fresh start, and this often leads to people evaluating their current life situations. These reflections can lead to a heightened awareness of just how unhappy they are in their marriage and a resolution to end a relationship that is no longer emotionally fulfilling.

Holiday Stress

For many people, the two to three months of the winter holiday season can be anything but joyful. If there are already tensions in the marriage, the extra stress of family gatherings and other festivities can cause even more issues.

There are also situations where the stark contrast between the “idealized” holiday and the actual state of the marriage can become a wake-up call that it is time to speak to a divorce attorney.

Delaying Just for the Holidays

Many couples postpone divorce proceedings during the holiday season to maintain a sense of normalcy for themselves and their families, especially if the couple has young children. Once the holiday season has passed, these couples may feel a sense of obligation lifted, and now is the time to finally address their marital issues.

Tax Implications

For some couples, delaying divorce until the new year may be a practical financial decision. Once a couple is divorced, their tax status changes from “married” to “single” or “head of household.” Filing as married offers more tax benefits, so waiting until January to split up allows the couple to file their prior year’s returns as married.

Contact a Dane County, WI Divorce Attorney for Legal Help

If January’s arrival has led to you and your spouse deciding to end your marriage, make sure you speak with a Madison, WI divorce lawyer right away. You want to make sure you have a skilled legal advocate fighting for your parental and financial rights during this process. Call John T. Fields & Associates, LLC at 608-729-3590 to schedule a confidential consultation.

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