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What You Need to Know About Working With a Child Custody Lawyer

When addressing legal issues related to the custody of your children, having an experienced attorney on your side is essential. Child custody can be a significant concern during a divorce, but it may be an issue that unmarried parents will need to address as well. If you are involved in a child custody dispute, or if you need help establishing agreements that will allow you to effectively share legal and physical custody of your children, you will need to understand the laws that apply to you and the methods that may be used to resolve disputes. By working with a lawyer who knows how to address these issues effectively, you can protect your rights and ensure that your children's needs will be met going forward.

At John T. Fields & Associates, LLC, our lawyer can provide invaluable assistance in divorce and child custody cases. With our extensive knowledge of state laws related to parental rights and obligations and our history of successfully representing clients in these matters, we can ensure that your rights and interests will be protected throughout the legal process. We will also focus on finding solutions that will provide for your children's best interests and ensure that they can grow up in a safe, loving environment.

Protect Your Children's Best Interests in Middleton Child Custody Cases

When dealing with legal matters related to the custody of children, it is important to understand your rights and obligations under the law. We can advise you on how to address issues such as:

  • Sole custody vs. joint custody - If you and your ex disagree on how matters related to your children will be handled, you may need to determine whether you will be able to share custody or whether sole custody may be granted to one parent. Sole custody refers to a situation in which one parent has the exclusive right to make major decisions about children's lives, including their education, healthcare, and religion. With joint custody, both parents will share these responsibilities, and each parent will have regular time with the children. Wisconsin courts usually put joint custody arrangements in place, but sole custody may be used in certain situations, such as those involving domestic abuse.
  • Legal custody - As discussed above, a parent may have the right and responsibility to make decisions about how children will be raised. This is known as legal custody, and in most cases, you will be able to share these responsibilities with the other parent. We can help you determine how you and your ex will work together to make decisions related to your children while ensuring that you understand the obligations that apply to both parents.
  • Physical placement - Physical custody refers to decisions about where your children will live and how much time each parent will spend with them. We can help you create workable schedules that will ensure that all family members understand when your children will live with each of you and how special days such as holidays and birthdays will be divided.
  • Co-parenting agreements - If you will be sharing custody, you will be encouraged to work together with the other parent to address any issues related to your children. A co-parenting agreement, which is known as a parenting plan in Wisconsin, can be used to establish guidelines for how you will handle issues such as communication, transportation, decision-making, variable expenses, adjustments to custody schedules, and other concerns. This will make it easier to avoid conflict and provide stability for your children. A well-crafted parenting plan can be an essential part of a child custody case, outlining how the two of you will work together to provide for your children's physical, emotional, and educational needs.

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At John T. Fields & Associates, LLC, our lawyer has extensive knowledge of state laws related to parental rights and obligations, and we have a history of successfully representing clients in child custody cases. We strive to provide solutions that will protect your rights and your children's best interests. To arrange a consultation and learn how we can assist with your case, contact our office at 608-729-3590.

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