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What is Child Placement?

During divorce and child custody cases in Wisconsin, there are numerous child-related issues that will need to be addressed. Physical custody, which is known as "physical placement" under Wisconsin law, can be an important part of the decisions made in these cases. It will determine where children will live during their daily lives, and this can affect where they will go to school and their interactions with friends, neighbors, and others in their communities, as well as their relationships with their parents and extended family members. It is important for parents who are involved in family law cases to understand their rights under state law and the options that are available to them when it comes to resolving issues related to physical custody.

The family law attorneys at John T. Fields & Associates, LLC have extensive experience representing clients in matters related to divorce and family law. With our strong knowledge of Wisconsin laws that affect parents, children, and other family members, we can provide invaluable assistance with child custody issues. We take the time to make sure our clients are fully informed of the laws that apply to them and the procedures that will be followed in family courts, ensuring that they are prepared to address child-related issues both in the near future and in the years after a case has been completed.

Allocating Physical Placement of Children Between Parents

In Wisconsin family law cases, joint custody is preferred, but there are some cases where sole custody may be awarded to one parent. However, even if one parent has sole legal custody, meaning that they will have the right and responsibility to make decisions about issues related to children's upbringing, the other parent will usually be able to share physical custody. That is, unless there is evidence showing that children may be at risk of physical or emotional harm, they are entitled to regular periods of physical placement with both parents.

Child placement arrangements can take many forms, ranging from equal amounts of time spent in each parent's home to living primarily with one parent and spending short periods of time with the other parent at different times during the year. However, some of the most common arrangments will involve children living in one parent's home the majority of the time while spending every other weekend at the other parent's home or seeing them on certain days and times during the week.

Parents are encouraged to reach agreements on how physical placement will be divided, and ideally, these agreements will allow children to spend quality time with both parents on a regular, ongoing basis. In addition to making decisions about children's daily schedules during the school year, parents will also need to determine how other special days or periods of time throughout the year will be divided. These will include different holidays, which may be divided between parents, with children staying with each parent on certain holidays in alternating years. Vacations from school may also need to be addressed, and parents may agree that children will stay with one parent for extended periods of time during summer vacations, spring breaks, and winter holidays. Parents may also determine when each parent will spend time with children on other important days, such as the birthdays of children, parents, or other family members.

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Creating child placement schedules during a divorce or child custody case is not always easy, but by addressing these issues ahead of time, you can avoid conflicts with the other parent in the future. At John T. Fields & Associates, LLC, we can provide you with sound advice on how best to resolve these issues while protecting your children's well-being. We will work closely with you throughout the entire legal process to craft agreements that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your family. To learn how we can help you address physical placement and other child custody issues, contact us at 608-729-3590.

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