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Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer

During divorce and family law cases, child custody issues can often be difficult for parents to navigate. When a marriage or relationship ends, the parents must decide who will have legal responsibility for their children. They will also need to determine where children will live and how they will divide their time between the parents. These and other child-related issues are grouped under the general category of child custody, and the decisions made in these cases can have a long-lasting impact on family relationships and the ability of parents to be closely involved in their children's lives.

If you need to address concerns about the custody of your children, the experienced attorney at John T. Fields & Associates, LLC can help guide you through the legal process. We will take the time to make sure you understand your rights and options under state law, and we will advise you on the best approach to take as you work to resolve the various legal issues that will need to be addressed. We will strive to protect your parental rights at all times while making sure your children's best interests will be the most important factor considered during your case.

Understanding Your Rights and Options as You Address Issues Related to Child Custody in Sauk County

In child custody cases, the specific legal concerns that will need to be addressed can vary depending on the family's circumstances, the relationship between the parents, the needs of the children, and any issues that may be unique to a particular case. When making decisions about how custody will be divided or shared, the court may consider factors such as the child's age, each parent's ability to care for the child, whether parents are willing and able to cooperate with each other, and any history of abuse or neglect. The court will also consider the child's wishes, if the child is old and mature enough to express a preference.

In some cases, a parent may seek sole custody of a child. With sole legal custody, a parent will be fully responsible for making decisions about issues such as medical care and education, without being required to discuss these issues with the other parent. With sole physical custody, children will reside only with one parent, and they may not see or spend time with the other parent. However, situations where sole legal and/or physical custody are granted are relatively rare, and parents will usually share joint custody. In these cases, they will both have decision-making responsibilities, and children will spend reasonable amounts of time with each parent on an ongoing basis.

In cases involving joint custody, a parenting plan will be created that will be incorporated into a divorce decree or child custody order. This plan is a legal agreement that will facilitate co-parenting. It will fully detail how legal custody will be allocated between the parents. It will outline schedules for child placement, specifying the days and times that children will live or spend time with each parent, including how holidays or other special days will be divided. It may also include a variety of other terms that affect parents and children, addressing issues such as communication between children and parents, transportation arrangements for children, and procedures used to resolve disputes that may arise in the future.

Our attorney can help create a workable parenting plan that will allow you and your ex to share custody effectively and work together as co-parents. In some cases, modifications to the parenting plan may need to be made as your children's needs change or based on adjustments to your living arrangements or other circumstances. We can help you navigate these complex legal issues while advocating for the best interests of your children at all times.

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If you are dealing with child custody issues in Sauk County, Wisconsin, the experienced attorney at John T. Fields & Associates, LLC can help. We understand the complexities of these issues and the importance of finding solutions that will preserve parent/child relationships. We will advocate for your parental rights while making sure that your children's best interests remain paramount throughout the process. Contact us today at 608-729-3590 to arrange a consultation and learn more about how we can work together with you to resolve these important issues.

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