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There are a variety of situations in which families in Wisconsin may need to address child custody issues. This is a common issue that affects parents during the divorce process, and a couple will need to determine how they will divide or share the custody of their children after dissolving their marriage. However, unmarried parents may also need to make decisions about child custody or resolve disagreements about where children will live or how child-related decisions will be made. In these situations, parents will need to be aware of how Wisconsin's laws affect them, the legal options available to them, and the ways they can resolve any disputes that may arise.

At John T. Fields & Associates, LLC, our family law attorneys can provide invaluable guidance to parents who need to resolve child custody issues. We ensure that our clients understand their rights and responsibilities under state law, and we advocate for solutions that will protect the best interests of the children involved in a case. In addition to addressing child custody during divorce cases, we can also help establish paternity for unmarried parents, ensure that child support orders are put in place, and assist with the creation of workable parenting plans. We help our clients make well-informed decisions about how they can provide for their children's needs while also protecting their rights as parents.

Helping Parents Resolve Issues Related to Legal and Physical Custody

Child custody is generally divided into two separate but related categories. The first category is legal custody, which involves the ability to make major decisions concerning the child. That is, a parent who has legal custody will have the right to decide on various issues related to how their child will be raised, as well as the obligation to act in their child's best interests. These decisions may address the medical treatment and other forms of healthcare the child will receive, as well as issues related to their education, religious upbringing, and other important matters.

The second category is physical custody, which is commonly known as visitation and referred to as physical placement in Wisconsin law. Physical custody involves where the child will live and the amount of time they will spend with each parent. When physical placement is allocated to a parent, the child will be in their care during specified times. During these periods, a parent will have the right and responsibility to make all appropriate decisions related to the child's daily needs.

We can help parents determine how to handle multiple types of concerns related to child custody, including:

  • Sole custody - In some situations, it may be appropriate for legal and/or physical custody to be allocated only to one parent. We can provide guidance on whether this may be an option, and we can advocate for solutions that will protect children's safety and ensure that their needs will be met.
  • Joint custody - Most of the time, parents will be able to share legal and physical custody of children. We can help parents determine how different legal issues will be handled in these situations, ensuring that parents' rights will be protected and that children's best interests will be provided for at all times.
  • Child placement - While parents will often be able to share legal custody, they may encounter disputes about where children will live and when they will stay with each parent. We can help parents put workable physical placement schedules in place that will ensure that they can maintain close, continuing relationships with their children.
  • Co-parenting - To ensure that parents who share custody will be able to work together to raise their children, we can assist with the creation of parenting plans that fully detail the parents' rights, physical placement schedules, dispute resolution procedures, and other important matters that may affect parents and children.

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When it comes to child custody issues, having an experienced family law attorney on your side can make a world of difference. At John T. Fields & Associates, LLC, we understand the legal and emotional complexities involved in these cases, and we are dedicated to helping parents protect their rights while ensuring that children's best interests remain paramount. If you have questions about how we assist in resolving issues related to child custody or any other family law concerns, please reach out to us today at 608-729-3590 to arrange a consultation.

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