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The end of a marriage can be a difficult process. If your relationship with your spouse has failed, you may be experiencing a variety of strong emotions, and you may also be concerned about how various matters will be handled as you take steps to separate from your spouse. You may encounter financial concerns as you determine how to support yourself on a single income, and you may need to address practical considerations about where you will live. At the same time, you may be involved in disputes about the property you own, custody arrangements for your children, and other issues. All of this can seem overwhelming, but with an experienced attorney on your side, you can navigate through the divorce process successfully.

John T. Fields & Associates, LLC can provide you with guidance on the best ways to address the legal aspects of your divorce. From filing for divorce to negotiating agreements and resolving disputes with your spouse, we can provide knowledgeable counsel throughout the entire process. With our understanding of local laws and the procedures followed in Dodge County family courts, we are well-equipped to assist you in securing a favorable outcome to your case that will allow you to move forward with your life.

Addressing Legal Concerns Related to Divorce in Dodge County, Wisconsin

Divorces can be complicated and messy, especially in situations involving high levels of conflict between spouses. In some cases, couples may choose to pursue a contested divorce, which will require them to resolve some or all of their disputes through litigation in court. However, this is often a last resort, since a divorce trial can be very expensive for both parties, and a case may drag on for months or even years. In most cases, couples are able to complete an uncontested divorce by negotiating a settlement that addresses all outstanding issues in their case. At John T. Fields & Associates, LLC, we can provide representation in both contested and uncontested divorce cases, and we work to ensure that our clients' rights and interests are protected at all times.

Property division is an issue that nearly all divorcing spouses will need to address. Wisconsin is a community property state, and marital assets are generally divided equally between spouses. However, there are certain types of property that will not be included in a divorce settlement, such as property that was owned by a spouse before the marriage or acquired through an inheritance. In addition to determining how to divide assets such as home furnishings, valuables like artwork and jewelry, motor vehicles, real estate property, funds in bank accounts, retirement benefits, and family businesses, divorcing spouses will also need to divide their marital debts. We can provide guidance on how to address these issues, and we can work to help negotiate property settlements that will allow our clients to meet their financial needs.

Spousal support, which is also known as alimony or maintenance, can be another factor to address during a divorce. With this form of support, one party will make ongoing payments to the other after finalizing the divorce process. The purpose of alimony is to make sure both spouses can maintain the same standard of living they were used to during their marriage, and it may be appropriate if one spouse earns a significantly higher income or if a spouse is a stay-at-home parent or does not have the education or experience to fully support themselves on their own. We can help determine whether spousal support may be awarded to one spouse, and we can advocate for arrangements that will protect our clients' financial interests.

We work with divorcing spouses to address child custody issues, and we can help determine the best approach to take in cases involving domestic abuse. We can also assist with post-divorce modifications, addressing changes to child custody, child support, or spousal support that may be necessary based on significant changes in the lives of ex-spouses or their children.

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With the right legal support, you can navigate through the divorce process smoothly and achieve your goals. We can help you take steps to ensure that your rights are protected during this difficult time, and we can work with you to reach agreements with your spouse and address all issues that must be resolved before your marriage can be legally dissolved. To get the legal help and representation you need in your divorce, contact John T. Fields & Associates, LLC by calling 608-729-3590.

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