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When couples in Wisconsin go through a divorce, or when unmarried parents split up, some of the most important issues they will need to address will be related to child custody arrangements. In many cases, joint custody is the best option for parents and their children. Joint custody involves shared responsibility for making decisions about important matters affecting the lives of children, and it will also ensure that children will have regular contact with both parents. By making sure each parent can continue to play an active role in raising their children, these arrangements can help ensure that children's best interests will be protected in the years to come.

At John T. Fields & Associates, LLC, our attorneys can help guide parents in Madison, Wisconsin through complex cases involving child custody and other issues related to divorce or family law. We work to ensure that our clients can achieve the best possible outcome in child custody cases and put joint custody agreements in place that will allow them to meet their children's needs. Our goal is to make sure families are fully prepared to address children's best interests and maintain positive parent/child relationships.

Sharing Child Custody in Wisconsin

It is important for children to have strong parental figures in their lives, and they should be able to maintain good relationships with both their mother and their father. In recognition of the benefits children can receive from these relationships, Wisconsin law presumes that it is in children's best interests for parents to share joint custody. While there are some situations where sole custody may be appropriate, most of the time, parents are encouraged to work together to determine how they can share the responsibility of raising their children so that both parents can play an active role in their children's lives.

When parents share joint legal custody, they will both be able to participate in making important decisions about how their children will be raised. In most cases, both parents will have an equal say in matters related to children's education, such as where they will attend school and whether they will receive tutoring or pursue other educational opportunities. They will also share responsibility for health-related decisions, including matters related to medical treatment and dental or orthodontic care. Other areas of responsibility may include religion, activities, or other aspects of children's lives.

Joint physical custody may include any situations where children will see and spend time with both parents on a regular basis. Physical placement (also known as visitation or parenting time) will not necessarily need to be divided equally. Children may live primarily with one parent while staying in the other parent's home on certain weekends or weeknights, or any other workable arrangements may be made to ensure that children can spend quality time with each parent and maintain close, continuing relationships with them.

Joint custody requires a commitment to co-parenting by both parents. Ideally, parents will be able to discuss child-related issues with each other, work together to make decisions, and cooperate as they address any concerns that may arise. They can also agree to be flexible when possible and make adjustments to physical placement schedules or other plans when necessary. Ideally, parents will be able to put their children's needs and interests first while ensuring that children are not exposed to arguments or other forms of conflict.

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At John T. Fields & Associates, LLC, we understand that navigating the world of family law can be complicated and stressful. Our experienced attorneys are here to help you with any questions or concerns related to child custody. We strive to ensure that you will be able to maintain an active role in your children's lives while also protecting their best interests. We will work with you to establish joint custody arrangements that will allow you and your ex to be the best possible parents for your children. Reach out to us today by calling 608-729-3590 and arranging a consultation.

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