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Is Your Divorce Attorney Aggressive Enough?

 Posted on December 11, 2023 in Divorce

Rock County Divorce Attorney

The most important decision a person makes regarding divorce is the decision itself. But once that decision is made, hiring the right attorney is the second most important decision. Do an online search for a Wisconsin divorce lawyer, and you will get pages of options. Many people wonder if the attorney they hire will be aggressive enough to ensure their best interests will be protected. The level of aggressiveness your attorney exhibits can significantly impact the outcome of a divorce case. Still, it is important to understand what "aggressiveness" means regarding legal representation and whether it is the right approach for your situation. When meeting with different attorneys for your case, the following are some factors to consider.

Communication Style

Effective communication is a critical part of how an attorney approaches their role. An attorney should be assertive in advocating for their client’s rights and interests, but they should also be professional and respectful when dealing with the opposing party and their attorney. Aggressiveness should not translate into hostility or unprofessional behavior.

Legal Knowledge and Experience

The divorce attorney you hire should have a deep understanding of Illinois family law, divorce procedures, and relevant legal precedents. They should be well-prepared and knowledgeable about each client’s specific case so they can effectively present arguments on their clients' behalf.

Preparation and Strategy

An aggressive attorney will diligently prepare their case by gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and strategizing on the best approach to achieve their client’s goals. They should also proactively identify and address potential issues before they become significant obstacles to reaching those goals.

Negotiation Skills

While some cases may require a more adversarial approach, many divorces can benefit from skilled negotiation. An effective divorce attorney should be able to negotiate with the opposing party to reach a fair divorce and custody agreement. Aggressiveness in negotiation should be balanced with a willingness to compromise when appropriate.

Courtroom Advocacy

If negotiation fails and the parties must litigate their case in court, an attorney should be prepared to represent you assertively in court. They should present your case persuasively to the judge, protecting your rights and interests. Being aggressive in court means being a strong advocate and not resorting to unethical tactics.

Speaking of ethics, it is also vital that your attorney’s aggressiveness does not come at the expense of ethical conduct. Your attorney should adhere to the highest ethical standards and avoid engaging in any behavior that could jeopardize your case or their professional reputation.

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