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What Legal Options Are There for Domestic Violence Survivors?

 Posted on October 23, 2023 in Uncategorized

Dane County Domestic Violence LawyerEvery year, the month of October is designated as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, with the goal of raising awareness about the devastating impact of domestic violence.

Domestic violence affects millions worldwide. In the United States alone, one in four women and one in nine men have experienced physical violence from an intimate partner. However, it is believed those numbers are actually higher because many cases go unreported due to fear, shame, or lack of awareness of available resources.

It is estimated that nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. This results in approximately 20,000 calls to domestic violence hotlines daily.

One legal option for domestic violence survivors is to obtain a restraining order. The following is a brief overview of this legal option. For more details, contact a Wisconsin family lawyer.

Ensuring Safety and Legal Recourse

For domestic violence survivors, a restraining order stands as a powerful legal shield, offering safety and recourse in the face of abuse. This legal document establishes clear boundaries between survivors and their abusers, ultimately contributing to their security and well-being.

Restraining orders are designed to protect survivors of domestic violence. These orders can vary in their specifics based on jurisdiction, but their core purpose remains consistent - to safeguard individuals who have been subjected to physical, emotional, or psychological abuse within a domestic setting.

Immediate Safety Measures

One of the immediate benefits a restraining order provides is a sense of security. Survivors no longer have to live in constant fear, knowing that the law is firmly on their side. This legal document enforces restrictions on the abuser, including prohibitions against approaching, contacting, or harassing the survivor, their children, their workplace, or their residence. These restrictions create a critical barrier, preventing further acts of violence and intimidation.

Empowering Survivors

Beyond immediate safety, a restraining order empowers survivors. It gives them the means to hold their abusers accountable for their actions. Violation of the order can result in severe legal consequences, including fines and imprisonment. This newfound control can be pivotal in breaking the cycle of abuse, allowing survivors to focus on their physical and emotional recovery.

Long-Term Support

Restraining orders go beyond just immediate safety measures. The court can include provisions for temporary custody arrangements, child support, and spousal support, ensuring that survivors and their children have the financial resources necessary to rebuild their lives. Such provisions are invaluable in helping survivors regain their independence and self-sufficiency.

Contact a Madison, WI Family Lawyer for Legal Assistance

At John T. Fields & Associates, LLC, we understand the significance of restraining orders in the lives of domestic violence survivors. Our experienced Dane County, WI domestic violence attorneys are dedicated to assisting survivors in obtaining these critical documents, navigating the legal system, and ensuring their rights and safety are upheld. Call our office today at 608-729-3590 to schedule a confidential consultation.

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